Christ Church Bay Ridge

At the corner of what is now 68th Street and Third Avenue in Bay Ridge, a small wooden church, steeple and rectory were built forming the first buildings of what is now Christ Church Bay Ridge. 

By 1853, the congregation had outgrown the first buildings and construction began on the current Christ Church. Architects Ralph Cram and Bertram Goodhue designed the main building, which opened in 1909, and the parish house, which opened 8 years later and  later moved to it’s present location at 75th Street and Fourth Avenue. The current church and parish house boast gothic exteriors with large stone features. 

Boasting a large and ornate sanctuary, Christ Church Bay Ridge also features several comfortable spaces for holding and catering, and intimate spaces including an elaborate wood paneled office.  In addition to its large parking lot, Christ Church also has great access to the street.

Christ Church Bay Ridge, 7301 Ridge Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11209