the mary a. whalen

The Mary Whalen is a 1930s decommissioned oil tanker located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. In October of 2012, the Mary Whalen achieved historic status on the National Register of Historic Places due in large part to the hard work of, the not-for-profit that restores and maintains her, PortSide New York. The Mary Whalen has a great variety of exteriors and interiors, and several interior rooms have removable skylights allowing lighting, sound, cameras or electrical to easily access the space from the outside. The main deck is vast and uncluttered, measuring in at a whopping 90ft long.

Numerous original or decades-old features of the nostalgia-inducing vessel are intact, such as bells the captain used for communicating with an engineer below deck who controlled the ship’s throttle. There are also adjacent spaces suitable for holding and catering while shooting on the Mary Whalen.

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY