Rohallion Estate

Originally settled by British colonists in 1665, Rumson, New Jersey was a sleepy farming community until 1870 when the town became a hot playground for elite New York society figures who hired top architects to design lavish summer cottages for them. Rohallion Estate house was built in 1887 on what was originally a 64 acre plot and is one of the most stunning examples of this period's architecture in the tri-state area.

The original owner of Rhallion Estate, commissioned the world-renowned architect, Stanford White, to design the house in the style of the famous Rohallion castle in Perthshire, Scotland. However, in 1913 Edward Dean Adams, the new owner, had the house remodeled and expanded it from a traditional Stanford White shingle style into a much larger stuccoed house. Dean's expansions in the early 1900's have given Rohallion a timeless but modern look, and showcases the elusive feeling that some very special locations embody, giving the impression of decades of use and occupation. This authentic look can rarely be found in properties which are in such good condition. This makes the estate the perfect location for anything from an old-world elite boarding school to a massive private family compound fit for the biggest executive of the largest bank in New York. 

Rohallion has a gracious entry, living room, dining room, two story panelled library, and boasts 15 bedrooms. The house also features a stone terrace that overlooks a sweeping and idyllic lawn. The estate is also home to a famous statue, Pan of Rohallion which was commissioned for the House by a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. 

Rumson, New Jersey