As a world traveler, native New Yorker and savvy businesswoman, Sallie Slate knows how to get things done... and get them done right.

Her marketing and communications career has spanned multiple industries. She has launched effective brand campaigns and crisscrossed international cities. Every step of the way, Sallie's focus has stayed the same: Achieve Client Results.

Today, she heads up Sallie Slate Productions, working with a broad group of property owners and managers to bring in needed revenue by promoting their unique spaces as ideal locations for film companies shooting in New York City and beyond.


Sallie's idea for Sallie Slate Productions was inspired by her unprecedented success at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City -- where she cast the iconic Museum's interior and exteriors in countless photos, commercials, TV shows, films, and documentaries.

Singlehandedly, Sallie created the Museum's first in-house operation pitching national and international production companies, negotiating complex contracts and managing large film crews working in public spaces filled with invaluable artifacts (often throughout the night).

Her best known project was arranging shoots for the movies Night at the Museum 1 & 2. These two mega box office hits not only shone a bright international spotlight on the Museum's brand, but dramatically improved attendance while creating a new generation of Museum enthusiasts ages 7 to 15.

The bottom line? Sallie brought in well over $1 million in additional income to the Museum. Her template is still in play there and continues to generate a revenue stream for the institution.