James Bailey house

New York, New York it’s a wonderful town and you can find anything you want in this Hamilton Heights neighborhood named for Alexander Hamilton who lived here during the last two years of his life. Hamilton Heights is bounded by 135th Street to the south, Riverside Drive to the west, 155th Street to the north, and Edgecombe Avenue to the east. Fabled Sugar Hill, City College and Sir David Adajye’s Children’s Museum are close neighbors in this beautiful residential area.

In this same neighborhood circus entrepreneur James Bailey built his  fantastic mansion in 1888. The 12-bedroom stone house has gables, turrets and a spacious back garden. The house boasts amazing animal-themed stained-glass windows designed by Joseph Burr Tiffany in almost every room that are rarely seen in private houses.  This well known castle fell into terrible disrepair and is now being lovingly redone.

This is a three story house with luxurious details including a large central staircase, cut glass window panes, filigreed panels that give this house a true period feeling.  There are 4 bedrooms plus a wood shop in the basement that is the source of the on going renovations.

Hamilton Heights, NYC