Twenty years ago, Bed-Stuy was one of New York’s neglected neighborhoods. As usual, artists led the charge back to civilization, and Planta Baja is a perfect example: A rough and tumble exterior presents a gritty industrial feel but the interior is more of an urban rustic look. Built in 1951 and carefully renovated, this two story carriage house features two lofts filled with exposed woodwork, brick, and skylights everywhere.

At the end of the gated alleyway you enter the downstairs space through a huge, fully equipped kitchen. Continue walking straight and you’ll go out the rear kitchen door into the backyard garden. If you turn left instead, you’ll be in an open, skylit studio that’s equally prepared for shooting, commissary or holding.  Hang another left into a small private bed- and bathroom.

The upstairs loft is dominated by a huge living area with a wall of books, another of windows, with a well-equipped working kitchen and roomy dining table. Down the hall you pass a modern skylit bathroom and find the spacious loft-style bedroom with its own skylight, large windows and another doorway which leads outdoors.

Both floors as well as the untamed backyard garden can be dressed to suit. Planta Baja is as shoot friendly as it gets! 

Brooklyn, NY