St. Nicholas Brownstone

New York, New York it’s a wonderful town and you can find anything you want in this Hamilton Heights neighborhood named for Alexander Hamilton who lived here during the last two years of his life. Hamilton Heights is bounded by 135th Street to the south, Riverside Drive to the west, 155th Street to the north, and Edgecombe Avenue to the east. Fabled Sugar Hill, City College and Sir David Adajye’s Children’s Museum are close neighbors in this beautiful residential area.

Most of the housing dates from the extension of the elevated and subway lines at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th Century.

These Row houses, built at the turn of the Century for well-to-do black and white families, have a fairly unique and elegant look, and most are still single family properties, today.  Sallie Slate Productions is thrilled to represent such a beautiful, mint condition 4 story brownstone which was built in 1895 and originally sold for $50,000. This building features a floor through parlor space with amazing wood, original moldings and other architectural details, elegant wooden staircase that leads to two upstairs spaces plus a large large basement kitchen. It is furnished with period pieces.

Hamilton Heights, NYC